The Huntington Campaign

Session 11 (A.D. 505)

A Myriad of Marriages


Game Location: Aug. 28, 2015, at the Guild Hall’s Forge

David C.: Folkvar (Squire) – Saxon Christian from the County of Kent, Logres [New Character]
James P.: Turpin deLoure – French Christian
John H.: Galien – French Christian
John S.: Celsus – Roman Christian
Josh K.: Romulus – Roman Christian
Ron W.: Damahaut – Cymric Christian
Tony G.: Donecus – Roman Jew

Robbie W: Riorden O’Fergus – Irish Pagan
Rod F.: Jaufre – Occitanian Christian

There was no Mini-Adventure for this session. Instead, as the players arrived, they completed their estate logs from A.D. 504

New Squire
David C. created Folkvar, a Jutish Christian from the County of Kent. He now lives in the Town of Beale Valet (Huntington County) and joined the Company of the Crimson Hawk. He is also being squired under Sir Celsus.

As incredible as it seems, no has yet been able to pull Excalibur from the stone in the City of London. As a reminder, in the year 496, Excalibur, the sword of King Uther, mysteriously appeared in the courtyard outside of the Cathedral of St. Paul in London. Moreover, it has somehow been thrust through an anvil which is set upon a stone. Engraved upon the stone was a message saying, “Whoso pulleth this sword from this stone and anvil is likewise king born of all Britain.” The Archbishop of Canterbury invited all the noblemen of the realm to come to London each year at Christmastime to try to draw forth Excalibur. The player-characters who were squires were among the first group to unsuccessfully make the attempt in 496.

The Magic Sword of Sir Donecus
Last session, Donecus agreed to delay having the enchantments on his sword finalized and activated for one more year. In A.D. 505 he brought her the much praised and much maligned herb known as jo jo jo po. This allowed one final enchantment which extended the special slaying power of the sword to target not only Regmar the Brigand King, but also anyone of his bloodline.

Although Minerva has chosen Donecus to be her champion against Regmar, she reminded Donecus that it is not her purpose to make him a great and dangerous knight. She is a servant of nature, and nature always seeks a balance! Regmar has perverted the magic of her spell book and has become a great evil in the local woodlands, and the balance of nature has been offset. Regmar’s death is now called for.

Squires Appointments
Squires (each a member of the Company of the Crimson Hawk) have been assigned to the knights. Note that players rolled to determine the order in which they chose their squires (with Riddle Quest #10 providing bonuses to the rolls).

Folkvar (David C.’s newly created character) became the squire of Celsus. The other squires & knights were matched as follows:

Damahaut – Orlando
Donecus – Leidorf
Galien – Meliantin
Jaufre – Dru
Kendrick (NPC) – Jonwar
Riorden – Titus
Romulus – Janyn
Turpin – Dutetre

A Year of Weddings
Celsus wedding Claressant on the 1st of May so that the anniversary would be in conjunction with the coming of spring.

Damahaut wedded Joanette, arranging for the ceremony to take place at the church in Beale Valet, being the most prestigious church in the area.

Both Galien and Donecus desired the hand of Sigrid in marriage, resulting in a duel. Galien prevailed and wedded Sigrid in a ceremony which included a hunt and hawking contest. Galien and Sigrid released a pair of hawks in a special ritual. Sir Allegard, the Sheriff of the Village of Lanster, attended the wedding, using it as the opportunity to present Galien with a Damascene shield. It was retrieved from the newly discovered stash of Scary Harry, the marsh troll Galien slew in A.D. 501.

Donecus wedded Lisalen O’Shea and his wedding festivities included a fancy dress ball and a guided ghost hunting tour in the surrounding moors.

Jaufre wedded Marianne.

Riorden married Willow in a ceremony that celebrated nature and Celtic splender. As a side note, Riorden was amazed to see that his father was able to attend the wedding, having been cured of the strange disease which had kept him bedridden for years. Riorden’s mother took him in the forest, where the miraculous cure was somehow enacted. Details have not yet been shared.

Romulus dueled with Kendrick over the right to ask Ashildr’s hand in marriage, and won. The wedding festivities included an archery contest for the commoners, and the winner was given a job in Romulus’ garrison.

Turpin dueled with Degarre over the right to ask Solei’s hand in marriage. Degarre, a notable knight, claimed that Solei was promised to him when they were both children, but Solei insisted that he was exaggerating a situation stemming from childhood play. Although the duel was supposed to be non-lethal, Turpin unintentionally dealt Degarre a mortal wound. Solei, however, used her alchemy skills to save his life. The ensuing wedding between Turpin and Solei featured many overly fabulous desserts.

Kendrick wedded Gerhilda.



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