The Huntington Campaign

Session 18 (A.D. 509)

The Birthday Feast of Queen Margawse


Game Location: May 27, 2016, at the Guild Hall’s Arena.

Roll Call
Alex S: Thelsadar (Squire) – Cymric Pagan
David C.: Folkvar (Squire) – Saxon Christian
James P.: Turpin deLoure – French Christian
John H.: Galien – French Christian
John S.: Celsus – Roman Christian
Josh K.: Romulus – Roman Christian
Ron W.: Damahaut – Cymric Christian
Tony G.: Donecus – Roman Jew

King Lot & Queen Margawse Come to Visit
King Lot and Queen Margawse visited Beale Valet while journeying to London (where Lot planned to attempt pulling Excalibur from the stone). Their three sons, Gawaine (age 14), Agravaine (age 13) and Gaheris (age 11), also made the trip. Their stay in Huntington County coincided with the queen’s birthday, and therefore Earl Dafydd celebrated the event with a grandiose feast. King Lot is a Cyrmic Pagan and the ruler of the northern Kingdom of Lothian. During the reign of Uther Pendragon, he conquered the Orkney Islands, subjugating the Pictish population therein. His wife, Queen Margawse, is extremely beautiful and is the oldest child of Duke Gorlois and Lady Igraine. Upon first seeing her, men typically feel a kind of lustful, dizzying sensation fall upon them. Like her sister, Morgan le Fay, Margawse is rumored to be a serious practitioner of magic.

Margawse’s Birthday Celebration, and Prince Agravaine’s Ire
Many people presented Queen Margawse with birthday presents. Agravaine, being a dim-witted, unimaginative lout, merely gave her wildflowers. He felt upstaged by anyone who gave a gift that Margawse thought was particularly special. Sir Galien (who gave the queen a special fig cake) and Squire Thelsadar (who gave her a set of silver snowflake earrings) in particular noticed Agravaine glaring at them. The other player-characters seemed to have avoided making Agravaine’s enemy list.

The birthday celebration included a dance contest with the player-characters teamed with some of Margawse’s ladies-in-waiting. As an interesting side note, the images the GM used for the maidens were that of Disney princesses (Belle, Elsa, Merida, Rapunzel, Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White & Jasmine). Sir Damahaut and Belle came in first place (Damahaut, although normally a poor dancer, managed to roll a critical success in the final round).

A Horrific Theft
On the day the royal couple were to leave for London, Margawse came upon a large raven with red claws and a red beak pilfering her silver snowflake earrings. The startled creature dropped one of them while taking flight and escaping through a window. Earl Dafydd was, naturally, outraged and declared to decisively put a stop to the thievery that has plagued the county for the past few years. Margawse put an enchantment on the earring that fell to the floor and gave it to Sir Turpin. The spell would be activated by the light of the sun on the next Spring Equinox, guiding whoever held it to its mate. Once the set of earrings was restored, the player-characters would be received in Orkney Isles by a hero’s welcome.

Pure Companionship
Squire Folkvar initiated Pure Companionship with Blancheva, a Cymric Christian and daughter of Sir Elihfrit (a mercenary knight) and Lady Gynente. His rival turned out to be Squire Pedius, the nephew of Sir Drusus, a vassal knight of Brun. Drusus and his family are a Pendragon version of modern era Italian mob. Drusus tried to talk Folkvar out of seeing Blancheva (saying, “Please, don’t break my nephew’s heart”) but Folkvar refused, citing that he believed it to be God’s will that he and Blancheva eventually be together.

Squire Thelsadar initiated Pure Companionship with Sorcha O’Farren, an Irish Pagan and daughter of Sir Casey (a banneret knight) and Lady Una. His rival turned out to be Squire Fabian, a handsome, accomplished, highly skilled, and incredibly conceited fellow. Fabian’s right-hand man is a page named Karl. Fabian figured that Thelsadar had no chance of beating him in winning the affections of Sorcha, so in the spirit of good sportsmanship, he gave Thelsadar a list of the names of other suitable maidens to pursue instead. Thelsadar declined to end his Pure Companionship with Sorcha.

Sir Galien Receives a Damascene Sword
One of the mounted Saxon knights Sir Galien killed during the Battle for London was Sir Arnlaug Folkbiornsson, who was responsible for killing a Cyrmic vassal knight, Sir Clagran, as well as his two sons. Arnlaug came upon the three when they were in the woods and unarmed (while he was mounted and armed) so their deaths were a dishonorable travesty.

Moreover, all of Sir Clagran’s estate (located near the Town of Chelmsford in what is now Essex) has been overrun by Saxons, causing his widow, the Lady Annane, to go into exile. Annane is now a middle-aged woman and living in Cambridge. Upon hearing that Sir Galien killed Arnlaug, she traveled to Beale Valet to give him Clagran’s sword, a Damascene blade, called Lion’s Fang. It has a carved lion’s head on its pummel.

Order of St. Michael
Abbot Leovain of Ramsey Abbey (in the north-eastern area of Huntington County) has formed a new fellowship of knights called the Order of St. Michael. The purpose of this order is to vigilantly patrol the northern sections of the county, including sections of Landoine Forest and the Fens. The Order of St. Michael is only open to Christian knights who possess a high degree of religious fervor and spiritual discipline. Moreover, they renounce all lands and own possessions in common. They may be married, so long as their wives are devoted Christians who agree to be initiated into a woman’s branch of the order known as the Sisterhood of St. Michael. They spend a lot of time in prayer and works of humble charity. These knights and their ladies dwell within a commune enclosed by a palisade. The knight who current heads the Order of St. Michael is Sir Athras. His title as such is “Grandmaster Knight.”



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