The Huntington Campaign

The Beginning of the Huntington Campaign


I have been running the Pendragon RPG since its initial publication in 1985. The Huntington Campaign is my forth Pendragon foray, for which I established a gaming club called the Savannah Pendragon League on June 25, 2014. The first actual session took place on July 18, 2014. My players and I elected to use the 4th edition rules because they are what we are most familiar with. The initial characters were sons of mercenary knights in the service of Earl Dafydd of Huntington County, with this area of Logres being the primary setting of the campaign. For the timeline, we use The Boy King supplement (with The Great Pendragon Campaign as a secondary source). In light of all this, each player-character began his career as a squire with humble origins in A.D. 495.


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