The Huntington Campaign

Session 2 (A.D. 496)

The Daughters of Sir Galadorn


Game Location: August 22, 2014 at the Guild Hall’s Arena in Savannah

Roll Call
Cain M.: filling in for Kevin M., playing Aengus MacManis
Cody H.: Dragan – Occitanian Heathen
James P.: Turpin deLoure – French Christian
John H.: Galien – French Christian
John S.: Celsus – Roman Christian
Josh K.: Romulus – Roman Christian
Rod F.: Jaufre – Occitanian Christian
Ron W.: Damahaut – Cymric Christian
Tony G.: Donecus – Roman Jew
William B.: Athras – Cymric Christian
Note: Eric the Cleric filled in for Robbie W., playing Riorden O’Fergus – Irish Pagan

Old Business
1) At the end of the last game session, the GM (being a bit rusty) forgot to grant glory awards for certain things (high traits, passions, chivalry bonus & religious bonus). Players were informed that these glory awards were added to the character sheets prior to Session 2.
2) Players asked to keep a clear and accurate record of their characters’ money.
3) Annual squire allowance of 20 d. incorporated into the game. Characters given 20 d. for A.D. 495 & will receive this amount each year during Winter Training Phase.
4) In the past the GM has used the following house rule concerning Damage Rating: STR + SIZ / 6, rounding all fractions completely down. That house rule has now been dropped, so the standard formula from the rulebook is being used (i.e., with a result of .4 or less, round down; with a result of .5 or greater, round up). The Damage Ratings on the character sheets have been checked and adjusted accordingly.

Fate of the Fathers
During character creation at Session 1, it was determined that some of the fathers of the squires are either missing or dead. The GM decided to wait until Session 2 to reveal the details concerning this:

Back in A.D. 493, the Saxon kings Octa and Eosa escaped from prison with the help of a secret attack conducted by Saxon warriors. Specifically, they were being held in a tower at a castle in Silchester.
A number of knights were killed in the attack by Saxon berserks, including:
Sir Gautier, father of Galien (John H.)
Sir Jacques, father of Turpin (James P.)
Sir Mahaut, father of Damahaut (Ron W.)

A band of knights went after the Saxons as they fled eastward. This band entered the section of Windsor Forest between Windsor Castle and Staines, but they vanished therein and have not been heard from since. This band of missing knights includes:
Sir Emeric, father of Dragan (Cody H.)
Sir Taurinus, father of Donecus (Tony G.)
Skipping forward in time a bit, Octa & Eosa were able to raise a new Saxon army which led to the Battle of St. Albans in A.D. 495.

Epilogue of the Battle of St. Albans (A.D. 495)
Due to time constraints during Session 1, the following campaign details were not presented to the players until Session 2:
1) King Uther was buried at Stonehenge next to his brother Ambrosius and his son Madoc.

2) The Company of the Crimson Hawk were able to attend the funeral along with Earl Dafydd, the Countess Lanna, and their children Faulkas and Synduil. Naturally, Sir Edam was with the company as well.

3) Attending this funeral granted 50 glory points to each character.

4) There was widespread talk that when the body of King Uther was found, his sword Excalibur was missing. This has led many to speculate that the Saxons stole it.

Rumors of A.D. 496
1) A banneret knight and his family have recently moved to Beale Valet. Their estate, Brooks Narrow in Southports, has been overrun by Saxons. This family is composed of Sir Galadorn, his wife, the Lady Lunette, and their four daughters. Their daughters are two sets of twins, although not identical: Claressant and Joanette (age 11) and Willow and Solei (age 9).

2) Excalibur, the ancient sword of the Cymric kings, has turned up again! Archbishop Dubricus of Carlion has sent a message to all the parishes in the realm that Excalibur has mysteriously appeared in the courtyard outside of the Church of St. Paul in London. Moreover, it has somehow been thrust through an anvil which is set upon a stone. Engraved upon the stone is a message saying, “Whoso pulleth this sword from this stone and anvil is likewise king born of all Britain.” The archbishop has invited all the noblemen of the realm to come to London this Christmas and attempt to draw forth Excalibur!

3) Because of the death of King Uther, rumors have naturally sprung up again over whether or not he had a child with the Lady Igraine. It is said that in the Year of Our Lord 492, the Lady Igraine was heavy with child, and that later in that same year the mysterious wizard Merlin was seen leaving Tintagil Castle with a newborn infant in his arms. But these stories come from peasants and commoners. So far none of the noblemen of Cornwall have backed up these claims, and the Lady Igraine has been living in seclusion since the death of the king, and she hasn’t said anything about having any children other than the 3 daughters she had with Duke Goloris.

4) The gold and silver items stolen last year from the Church’s sacristy have not yet been recovered.

5) There is more thievery going on in town. This time from within the very castle itself! A jewel encrusted dagger belonging to Sir Gorn sans Humour, the earl’s butler, has gone missing. It was inside a locked chest in his chambers, and someone managed to pick the lock. That’s pretty skillful for the kind of thieves that tend to turn up in the town of Beale Valet.

6) Since the death of King Uther, the Forest Sauvage has grown more, well, savage. Within just a few months the few actual roads within it have become barely discernable paths. And what used to be paths have disappeared altogether. Strange creatures have been spotted among the trees, including a great black bear which people are calling… the Great Black Bear! Britain is a very wild land, but it is almost as if the presence of a Pendragon on the throne kept a lot of its wildness at bay somehow.

7) Just about everyone in Beale Valet has heard the story of Sir Edam, Sir Lester and Sir Tilvor. Or to be more specific, how they tore down an old dilapidated cottage on the outskirts of town believed to have once been the abode of the Witch of Raven Wood who died years ago. These three knights build a feast hall in its place, but later Lester and Tilvor went mad and died. Some say the ghost of the witch cursed them, and that Edam is next. Well, that’s old news. Here’s the new news. A hunter recently returned from a hunting trip white as a sheet. He claims that the old dilapidated cottage of the Witch of Raven Wood still stands, looking just like it did before the three knights destroyed it. But it no longer sits on the outskirts of Beale Valet, but instead it’s in the deep shadowy depths of the Forest Sauvage!

8) The Saxon kings, Octa and Eosa, barely managed to escape from the army of King Uther last year. It is said that they are now residing in a fortified keep somewhere in Essex. It is also said that they have sent a team of warriors across the channel and to the icy land of Frisia. It seems there is some sort of Saxon relic of great supernatural power that they desire. If they get it, they will use it to help them conquer all of Britain!

9) A road is called the King’s Road when those who travel upon it are guaranteed protection under the king’s justice. Since the death of King Uther, Regmar the Brigand King has claimed that he is now the lord of the King’s Road which runs from Beale Valet to Hertford. He promises protection to all travelers who are willing to pay for it. Maybe it’s time for Earl Dafydd or one of the other local nobles to send some knights into Landoine Forest and put an end to Regmar and his band of cutthroats.

Meeting the Daughters of Sir Galadorn
A.D. 496 allowed some of the squires to encounter the four daughters of Sir Galadorn, allowing for the formation of first impressions that may (or may not) have an impact on any future relationships. Generally speaking, nobles (including knights) are not consider eligible for marriage until they are landed. PCs in Pendragon may not be landed (and therefore ready for marriage) until the age of 22 or higher.

Moreover, nobles are expected to marry someone of comparable social status. It is acceptable for the daughters of a banneret knight to marry vassal knights, because on the social ladder, a banneret knight is only “one step” above a vassal knight. Such an arrangement is even more plausible in the case of the family of Sir Galadorn, seeing as they have lost their estate (Brooks Narrow in Southports) and are not able to provide much in terms of a dowry for the girls.

In light of all this, the squires are meeting Claressant, Joanette, Willow and Solei while they are still very young, so that by the time the squires are, hopefully, landed, these daughters of Sir Galadorn will be old enough to be marriage prospects. For the record, the prime marriageable age for women in the Huntington Campaign will be, generally speaking, 16-20. In actual medieval Europe it was 12-14, but this was compelled by a shorter lifespan than what is experienced in Pendragon. Hence, the GM has bumped the age range upwards accordingly.

Squire Tasks
The Marketplace: Celsus and Donecus were sent to the marketplace in Beale Valet to pick up a shipment of wine for the castle. Therein they met Claressant who seemed to be enamored by her blonde hair and blue eyes. Perceiving that she has a fondness for presents, and having been told that it is her birthday, Celsus bought her a brass hand mirror (that had a notable price tag of 18 d.). Donecus, having spent all his money on a suit of ring mail, did not get Claressant a gift. Celsus has made a good first impression on Claressant.

The Church: Damahaut, Arthras and Romulus went to the Church of the Sacred Heart to get some Holy Water and arrange for a Mass to be offered on behalf of Sir Edam. Therein they meet Joanette, who has brown hair and green eyes. She always says devotions in a church on her birthday, and invites the squires to pray devotions with her in the church’s Chapel of St. Peter. Joanette obviously takes Christianity very seriously. A Religion roll was required of the squires to see how well they participated in the prayer service. Romulus failed his roll, while Damahaut and Arthras tied. Joanette was impressed by how well they did the devotions, but Arthras made the best first impression upon her, having an Appearance of 16 (compared to Damahaut’s 5).

The Docks and Castle Courtyard: Jaufre, Galien, and Aengus were sent to take a load of decorative bricks and deliver them to the castle courtyard, where they will be used to pave a pathway in the garden. In the courtyard they encountered Willow playing a harp and composing a song about the beauty of her new home in Huntington. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Although she is obviously incredibly talented as a songwriter and musician, she invited the squires to help her compose the song as a way of making friends. All of them failed their Compose rolls (even though assistance from Willow gave them a +5 bonus). Galien actually fumbled. But she cheerfully accepted the meager contributions because making friends was her primary goal. Nevertheless, Willow prizes music and song, and none of these squires made a good first impression upon her. That designation would happen later in the year, in London, with Riorden.

The Blacksmith: Turpin, Dragan and Riorden are sent to the town smithy to pick up a large chain from and deliver it to the courtyard of the castle where it is to be installed in the gatehouse’s portcullis. There they met a group of very creepy and intimidating blacksmiths (Valter, Hamon & Hablet). They also met Solei, who has red hair and green eyes. She was in the smithy looking for scraps of metal and such to use in her Industry-oriented projects. Turpin immediately made the best first impression upon her simply due to having a higher Appearance score than the other two squires. She said she wanted to speak to Turpin while she wanted Dragan and Riorden to get something for her. When they asked what they were supposed to get, she sternly said, “GET… OUT… OF… MY… SIGHT!” After they left, Solei offered Turpin a flask of ale. When he accepted her act of hospitality, he discovered that it was a magic potion which temporarily turned his skin green. Solei, obviously, is a young practitioner of alchemy, and this was her first successful potion. Because Turpin looked green like a lizard, Solei nicknamed him “Lizard.” Despite being the subject of a prank, Turpin graciously accepted the joke in good humor.

Squire Training
In addition to the usual sort of training, Sir Edam led intense weapon training in the use of the spear.

Special Winter Adventure
The squires joined Earl Dafydd in a retinue which traveled to the Church of St. Paul in London for a special gathering hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury. All the noble men of the realm were invited to try to draw Excalibur from the stone, including the members of the Company of the Crimson Hawk. Everyone (naturally) failed to remove it, so no new King of Britain was revealed this year.

This trip included a deer hunting expedition which the squires undertook.

Willow suggested that a song be composed to inspire people to pray for a new High King to be given to the people, and the archbishop liked the idea so much that he held a song writing contest. Riorden competed against the other squires to win the right to be Willow’s song-writing assistant. The song they composed ended up winning the contest, which included defeating a professional minstrel and bard.



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