1st Grand Lady of the Order of St. Michael


Status: Wife of Sir Athras
Culture: Roman Christian
Appearance: 22
Birth Year: 485
Women’s Gift: Natural healer
Personality Notes: Notable appreciation of Latin, Christian liturgies, and gardening.
Family Notes: Daughter of Sir Martonus (vassal knight) & Lady Osella (now deceased) of Ramsey Abbey.
Sibling: Sir Aglus

Avina’s father, Sir Martonus, is the master of the Estate of High Tower, which is in the realm of Ramsey Abbey. The garden of High Tower has an enchanted statue of St. Michael the Archangel.

In 409, Avina & Athras joined the newly formed militant religious community of the Order of St. Michael, located in the feudal territory of Ramsey Abbey. The abbot designated Athras and Avina as the 1st Grand Knight and Grand Lady of this order.



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