The Huntington Campaign

Session 15 (A.D. 508)

The Battle of London, Part 2


Game Location: Jan. 8, 2016, at the Guild Hall in the Arena classroom.

Roll Call
Alex S: Thelsadar (Squire) – Cymric Pagan
David C.: Folkvar (Squire) – Saxon Christian
James P.: Turpin deLoure – French Christian
John H.: Galien – French Christian
John S.: Celsus – Roman Christian
Josh K.: Romulus – Roman Christian
Ron W.: Damahaut – Cymric Christian
Tony G.: Donecus – Roman Jew

Jaufre – Occitanian Christian was played by Ron W.
Guest: Kevin G.

NPC Squires (& the knights each is currently serving)
Dru – Sir Jaufre
Dutetre – Sir Turpin
Janyn – Sir Romulus
Leidorf – Sir Donecus
Meliantin – Sir Galien
Orlando – Sir Damahaut
Titus – Sir Celsus

The Battle of London, Part 2 (In the Courtyard of Lud’s Castle)
The Battle of London continued during Session 15. The player-characters, their squires and footmen were still fighting in the courtyard of Lud’s Castle, gradually dimensioning the Saxon defenders. A horn blast was heard from the roof of the keep, and shortly afterwards Saxon reinforcements attacked from the midst of the city. These troops included a squad of axemen, their sergeant and (most dangerously) four Battle Ogres. A Battle Ogre is one that is a bit more intelligent than standard ogres, and is allied with Saxons. In return for their service, the Saxon give them enhanced weapon training, weapons and armor, and a share in the loot they capture.

Notable events during Session 15 included the slaying of one of the Battle Ogres as well as a number of Saxons. But at this stage in the battle, the troops from Huntington County have lost seven footmen, and both Sir Donecus and Squire Leidorf have been rendered unconscious.

There was not enough time to finish the Battle for London on Jan. 8, so it will continue during the February game session. Because the keep of Lud’s Castle has not yet been breached (let alone captured), at least one more session, possibly two, will be needed to conclude the adventure of A.D. 508. As we know from previous Pendragon campaigns, this is to be expected when large battles take place in this game.



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