Courtly Customs Card

This game perk is applicable to non-combat skills associated with courtly life, “gentle hobbies,” Heraldry and Recognition. More specifically, it can help a character be successful with any of the following skills:


The Courtly Customs Card may be invoked immediately after failing or fumbling one of the above-listed skills. If the base value of the skill is 1 – 10, then subtract 3 from the result of the roll. If the base value is 11 – 14, then subtract 2 from the roll. If the base value is 15 or higher, then subtract 1 from the roll. The entire amount of the allotted subtracted points must be used, otherwise this perk is too powerful (increasing the odds of a critical success). Naturally, a roll adjusted by a Courtly Customs Card to a zero or a negative value is considered successful.

Once the Courtly Customs Card is invoked, the player returns the card to the GM.

A player must decide to use the Courtly Customs Card immediately upon failing a roll for one of the above-listed skills. Once the action in the round continues to another character (or the current round ends, whichever comes first), it is too late to invoke this perk.

If the use of the Courtly Customs Card renders a failed skill roll successful instead, the player may check the box for the skill.

The Courtly Customs Card does nothing to assist with a skill that has a base value of zero. Generally speaking, the character cannot attempt to use such a skill. If a situation allows the character to temporarily have a score in such a skill, the Courtly Customs Card may be invoked as normal.

Examples of Use
1) A character has a Dancing skill of 10 which means that the Courtly Customs Card will allow him to subtract 3 points from such a skill roll. Let us say he rolls a “12” which is normally a failure. By using the Courtly Customs Card, his roll is reduced to a “9”, allowing it to be successful. He does not have the option of simply reducing the roll to a 10 in order to make it a critical success (in this case, the only way for this perk to result in a critical success is for the failed roll to be a 13).

2) Let us say that a character has a Dancing skill of 10 and rolls a “natural 20.” This is a fumble, and there is no way a Courtly Customs Card can render this a successful roll. The player, however, may still want to invoke this perk to reduce the roll to a “19” so that it will no longer be a fumble but rather simply a failure (and therefore avoid some of the colossal embarrassment that a fumbled Dancing roll entails).

3) Let us say that a character has Dancing skill of 10 and rolls a “16.” In this case, he fails the roll and the Courtly Customs Card cannot provide any assistance. Naturally, the player saves the Courtly Customs Card for possible future use.

Courtly Customs Card

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