Equestrian Enhancement

This is a game perk provided to the player in the form of a card. The rider who invokes it receives the below benefits for the remainder of that melee round, plus an additional d6 rounds (the GM rolls the amount, keeping the result secret). In the case of a typical jousting contest at a tournament, each pass counts as two rounds of combat (i.e., one round for the charge and another round to resituate for the next pass, assuming that one of the knights was not victorious).

1) +2 to the rider’s Horsemanship and Lance skills (with the latter including jousting). If any such skill rolls are successful, the character gets to check the appropriate boxes accordingly. If a character has a zero value in one of these skills, it is temporarily considered to be 2 via the power of this game perk.

2) Whenever damage dice are rolled as a result of the rider’s horse (including lance combat, bashing, kicking, etc.), any rolled “1” is considered a “2.” If the rider uses more than one horse during the timespan of the effects of this perk, this damage consideration transfers to whichever mount he is using at any given time. However, a horse he is no longer riding ceases to utilize this damage bonus.

Equestrian Enhancement is not retroactive. In other words, it cannot be used to change or overcome a situation that has already taken place, even if only a moment ago. For example, if a mounted knight fails a Horsemanship roll by 1 point, he cannot invoke Equestrian Enhancement to make that roll successful.

A character can only receive the benefits of a single application of Equestrian Enhancement at any given time, even if he has more than one such card in his folder.

The player keeps an Equestrian Enhancement card in his folder until he desires to invoke it. Once this perk is used, it is returned to the GM.

Equestrian Enhancement

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