Horse Movement

(Some of the below information is a revision of similar rules located in the “Horses in Combat” article.)

Horse Movement:
The base Move Rate of a horse (i.e., walking) is as follows:
Rouncy: 6
Destrier: 7
Charger: 8
Courser: 9

Trot: Double base movement rate. Multiple veering maneuvers are allowed.
Gallop: Triple base movement rate. The maximum number of veering maneuvers permitted is two.

Turning a Horse when Standing or Walking:
Veer left or right (i.e., move diagonally, not a full 90-degree turn): 2 squares of movement (total) per square of such movement.
Right Angle (i.e. horse rears up and makes a 90-degree turn): 3 squares of movement (total).
Turn Around (i.e., horse rears up and wheels itself completely around): 4 squares squares of movement (total).

While walking, a horse can execute more than one of the above special turning maneuvers in the same round, provided that it has enough allotted squares of movement to cover the movement cost. If the movement cost cannot be met, the mount cannot execute the turn in question.

Turning a Horse when Trotting or Galloping:
Veer left or right (i.e., move diagonally): This is the only turning permitted at these speeds. Each move into a diagonal square counts as a total of 2 squares of movement. A trotting horse can undergo as many veering maneuvers as desired, so long as it has enough movement squares to do them. The most veering maneuvers a galloping horse is permitted is two.

Backing up a Horse:
Horses are trained to back up (i.e., walk backwards) but can only do so slowly and carefully. A horse can only back up while at walking speed (i.e., it cannot combine it with trotting or galloping). Each square that a horse walks backwards has a total movement cost of 2 squares.

Final Adjustment
If, after completing a horse’s movement, its counter is in a diagonal position on the battle map, the counter will then be slightly adjusted to properly line up with either the vertical or horizontal grid pattern of the map. This last adjustment does not have a movement cost. A profound adjustment, such as turning the mount completely around, is not allowed, unless the mount is able to do so with its allotted amount of squares (while utilizing the other aspects of the Horse Movement rules).

Horse Movement

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