Prestige Point

At some point in the future, I will put a MAJOR story idea into play. Up until the moment I implement it, I will keep its exact nature a secret. I will say, however, that it involves something highly beneficial happening to one of the PCs (either your current character or a descendant of his).

Beginning with Huntington Campaign Session 25, I will occasionally have situations which award Prestige Points and I will keep record of each character’s running total. Each players has an equal chance to win such points. When I finally reveal the major story idea, the beneficiary will be the character with the highest Prestige Point score. Note that if your PC retires or dies before this happens, your next PC will inherit the score (and can build upon it), provided that he is a blood descendant. On the other hand, if your entire family gets wiped out and you have to start over with a brand new squire from a completely different family (and BOY, wouldn’t THAT suck???), your new PC begins with a zero Prestige Point score.

After the “big reveal”, all active Prestige Point scores will be deleted, although I may start up the process again from scratch for yet another major plot idea down the line.

Prestige Points have no other function than what I have outlined here. In other words, they do not indicate a knight’s fame or social status. Such things, after all, are what Glory Points convey.

Prestige Point

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