Victory Point

A Victory Point is a game perk that can be used in one of three ways:

Option 1: Success in Light of Failure
This option is used during the adventure (including Squire Training). If a character fails an unopposed, non-combat skill roll, the player can “burn” a Victory Point. This means that the failed roll is ignored (even if it is a Fumble) and the attempt is automatically considered a success. In this case, there is no possibility of a Critical Success. The box is likewise checked. The decision to use the Victory Point must be made by the end of the round.

Option 2: Success with a “Zero” Skill
This option is also used during the adventure. If the player wants his character to attempt an action which relies upon a skill that he (thus far) has a “0” value in, he can elect to “burn” a Victory Point. This grants the character special, temporary inspiration that allows him to succeed in this endeavor. However, it must be a non-combat skill, and it must be an unopposed action. Moreover, the GM must approve of the use of a Victory Point in the specific situation. Although the Victory Point will guarantee success, there is no chance of a Critical Success in this case, and the box is not checked.

Option 3: During Winter Training
Any Victory Point which was not burned during the adventure must be used during the upcoming Winter Training Phase (i.e., unused Victory Points cannot be carried over to the next game year). In this case, the Victory Point can be spent in one of three methods:

Method 1) If the player fails a roll to see whether or not a particular trait, passion or skill (be it combat or non-combat) with a checked box increases, a Victory Point can be “burned” to have that roll be considered successful (i.e., the trait, passion or skill goes up one point as a result of Winter Training). This only applies to a skill of 20 or less.

Method 2) The character can burn a Victory Point to have a combat or non-combat skill raised from 0 to 1. Naturally, this only applies to skills which are available during the present campaign phase (for example, Tourney and Flail skills are not available during Phase 1).

Method 3) An unused Victory Point can be burned and converted into 25 bonus glory points, applied at that Winter Training Phase.

Victory Point

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