(asterisk denotes a two-handed weapon)

Arrows (1 d. for 5)
Axe (25 d.): +d6 vs. shield-bearing opponents.
Bow * (10 d.): Standard damage rating of 3d6. Range: 150 yd.
Bolts, Light (1 d. for 6)
Club (no cost): -d6 damage.
Crossbow, Light* (140 d.): Standard damage rating of 10+d6.
RoF: 1 rd. Range: 150 yd.

Dagger (5 d.): -d6 damage.
Great Axe* (50 d.): +d6 two-handed bonus. +d6 vs. shield-bearing opponents.
Great Spear* (2 d.): +d6 two-handed bonus. 2 sq. reach on battle map.
+5 modifier vs. mounted opponents.
Also negates opponent’s Lance Charge bonus.
Javelin (1 d.): _ -2d6 damage (minimum of d6). Range: 30 yd._
Mace (30 d.): +d6 vs. ring & chain.
Sling (1 d.): Standard damage rating of: Range of up to 20 yd: 3d6;
21-40 yd: 2d6; 41-60 yd: d6.
Due to concussion, at least 1/3rd of the rolled damage must be inflicted upon struck opponent.
Wielder strikes self on a “1.” (Source: Pagan Shore, pg. 114)

Spear (1 d.): One-handed weapon. Not properly balanced for throwing.
Generally speaking, a character attacks using his Spear skill and does his standard damage score.
If it is being used in a Lance Charge, the character uses his Lance skill and gains special lance combat bonuses.

Spear, Boar* (2 d.): Treat as a Great Spear in terms of skill, damage and modifiers.
Staff * (1 d.)
Sword (75 d.): Breaks non-sword on a tie. Dropped, not broken, on fumble.

Bolts, Medium (1 d. for 4)
Crossbow, Medium* (200 d.): Standard damage rating of d6+13. RoF: ½ rd. Range: 200 yd.
Lance, Jousting (3 d.)
Morning Star* (75 d.): +d6 two-handed bonus. +d6 vs. ring & chain.
Warflail * (75 d.) +d6 two-handed bonus. +d6 vs. ring & chain. Ignores shield. Wielder hits self on a “1.”

Bolts, Heavy (1 d. for 3)
Crossbow, Heavy* (2 L.): Standard damage rating of 16+d6. RoF: ¼ rd. Range: 250 yd.
Flail (50 d.): Ignores shields. +d6 vs. ring & chain.
Wielder hits self on a “1.”

Great Sword* (100 d.): +d6 two-handed bonus. Breaks non-swords on a tie. Does not break on a fumble (instead it is dropped).
Hammer (30 d.): +d6 vs. partial plate, full plate & gothic plate.

Halberd * (60 d.): +d6 two-handed bonus. +5 modifier vs. mounted opponents.


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