Your Perk is Denied!!!

NPCs may have the same kind of game perks as PCs. A character who possesses a “Your Perk is Denied!!!” card can invoke it to cancel the effects of another character’s perk. The following limitations are in place:

1) A person cannot use this perk to directly benefit himself; it is intended to be used for the sake of another. In other words, the person with the “Your Perk is Denied!!!” card cannot use it to cancel out a perk that is specifically targeting him (such as a Colossal Clobber Card) or being used in a confrontation with him (such as a Skirmish Card intended to benefit an opponent’s attack roll). Rather, the “Your Perk is Denied!!!” card must directly benefit another character (whether that person is a PC or NPC).

It is, however, permissible for the one invoking the “Your Perk is Denied!!!” card to indirectly benefit from it. For example, let us say that your character has a “Your Perk is Denied!!!” card and is fighting back-to-back with an ally against a mob of savage, bloodthirsty Jutes. If your ally is killed or knocked unconscious, your character is in a lot of trouble! If one of the Jutes attempts to use, say, a Colossal Clobber Card against your ally, it is permissible for you to invoke the “Your Perk is Denied!!!” card to cancel out the effects of the Colossal Clobber Card. This certainly benefits your character, but only indirectly so.

2) There is no restriction for a character to use a “Your Perk is Denied!!!” card on an opponent who is invoking a game perk that does not target him, or directly effects a confrontation with him. For example, let us say that your character has a “Your Perk is Denied!!!” card and is fighting a brigand. Then let us say that the brigand decides to flee the battle, and even invokes a Fleet of Foot perk. Your character can use his “Your Perk is Denied” to cancel out the Fleet of Foot benefit.

3) A game perk cancelled out by a “Your Perk is Denied” card is forfeited and returned to the GM. Likewise, the “Your Perk is Denied” card can only be used once, and is returned to the GM after having been invoked.

4) Using a “Your Perk is Denied!!!” card does not count as the character’s action for that round. Invoking this perk is considered a free action. Nevertheless, a character possessing more than one “Your Perk is Denied!!!” card can only use one per round.

5) A person invoking a “Your Perk is Denied!!!” card can have its effects cancelled out by another person’s “Your Perk is Denied!!!” card. In this case, both these cards are returned to the GM and the initial game perk targeted for “denial” takes effect (as normal). If several people in the area have “Your Perk is Denied!!!” cards then it is possible to set off a chain reaction of them. The GM will need to keep track of them accordingly to determine what perks end up being cancelled out and which ones still go into effect.

6) In order for your character to use a “Your Perk is Denied!!!” card against another perk, he needs to be in the same general vicinity of the targeted person, and be at least somewhat aware of what is going on with that person. For example, a person can use this perk to help an ally on the other end of a battle field (unless his vision is obstructed by something large like a wall, stand of trees, etc., but not necessarily other combatants). He cannot, however, use it to help someone in a different room of a building (unless he can see into it through a passageway or window).

7) The “Your Perk is Denied!!!” is a mystical power with no visible component. For example, no beam of energy shoots forth to strike the targeted person. As far as the character is concerned, he simply desires a lot of either goodwill or ill will upon another (depending on the circumstances).

8) Certain players may desire to use a “Your Perk is Denied!!!” card to the detriment of an ally. For example, let us say that during a Grand Melee, a character with this card is competing against one of his own team members for the honor of being the Melee Champion. If his ally is attempting to use a perk that will result in him scoring a notable amount of points, then the desire may arise to use his “Your Perk is Denied!!!” card to mess up his ally’s attempt. In this case, the GM will probably require the character to make an appropriate Personality Trait roll (such as Modest) to see if the “Your Perk is Denied!!!” card will, indeed, be used in this manner. Moreover, this sort of selfish use goes against the entire nature of what this perk is supposed to be about, and the GM may permanently subtract a point from the character’s Honor passion as a result.

Your Perk is Denied!!!

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